24 Hours in Farming

Thursday 10th August 2017 was  the Farmer's Guardian's 24 Hours In Farming campaign which was sponsored by Morrisons. Their aim was to showcase what happens in 24 hours of farming. As part of the campaign we were invited to our local Morrisons store to talk to customers and give out samples of the different varieties of strawberry we grow. The whole day was a success and the customers loved sampling the strawberries and gave us a lot of positive feedback - watch the video below to see Judith in store. For more information follow the link below to the Farmer's Guardian website.

Grants awarded from Rural Development Programme for England

We have been awarded three grants from the Rural Development Programme for England LEADER fund to part fund projects to help develop and grow our business.


Grant awarded in 2010 - Heat Seal Machine and Conveyor System

Our first grant was used to fund a heat seal machine and conveyor system so strawberry punnets could be lidded with a film lid, this meant we could increase the quantity of fruit we packed, helping our business to grow.

Grant awarded in 2016 - Gutter Growing System

We've used our second grant to install a gutter growing system in the greenhouse. Having the system installed means that the strawberries are suspended so that they are easier to pick and maintain, they are less likely to get damaged and the better air circulation will reduce disease. The grant has helped to improve   the overall conditions for growing and picking the fruit.

Grant awarded 2017/18 - Gutter Growing System and Supports and Irrigation System

The third grant awarded is to be used in early 2018 for an irrigation system and gutter growing system in polytunnels.

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Some of our projects have been part funded by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development, our most recent grant was awarded for a  Gutter Growing System and Supports and Irrigation System - for further information on this grant and all other grants awarded, please click here.