What We Grow



We farm 7 acres of glass and 3 acres of poly tunnels, in which we grow strawberries. Our spring season in the glasshouses starts at the end of April through to the beginning of July when the tunnels start production through to  the start of the autumn season in the glasshouses at the beginning of September and runs through to the first or second week of December.


We grow iceberg lettuce outdoors on 55 acres of land. The lettuce harvesting season begins in mid May and goes through the the middle of October. Our lettuce is supplied to wholesalers throughout the country and is also sent for processing. All the lettuce are cut in front of harvest rigs, meaning that they are cut, bagged and packed into boxes in the field and are then transported back to the farm where they are vacuumed.

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Some of our projects have been part funded by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development, our most recent grant was awarded for a  Gutter Growing System and Supports and Irrigation System - for further information on this grant and all other grants awarded, please click here.